Katniss v. Christmas

You’re just your typical District 12 young woman, hanging out and shooting pigeon with your bow and arrow. Life’s tough and you work hard to get by but once in a while you’re given the gift of a lifetime – the chance to get your hands on the ultimate prize. So off you zoom and soon it’s showtime…

You walk into a large arena – it’s smelly, noisy and stuffy. There are other people nearby, you can see them and whilst they look friendly enough, you know you can’t trust them. These people will stab you in the back and step over your dead body to get what they want. You do your best to avoid eye contact and think of the prize. Ahead, not too far from anyone, is a large array of exciting, shiny objects. Some are big and pointy, others are small and discreet, lots are familiar but plenty are new and intriguing. You want them, you really want them. The catch – so does everybody else.

Game on! Everyone rushes forward in a crowded melee. People shove into you, try to trip you up, push you over as you all run for the scarce goods. It gets hot and frightening, you want to leave, but you can’t. Unseen security cameras are tracking your every move and making sure you don’t misbehave, if you do, alarms will go off and hungry dogs will be sent to get you. A big wall surrounds the arena – keeping any old riff-raff out but keeping you in. So you can’t give up, you keep running, eye on the prize and…YES…you’ve got it, as you grab the latest piece of kitchen ware, garden equipment or DIY tool (all handy murder weapons amongst other things). But the pushing and shoving continues, if anything it’s getting worse because people are armed, they’ve got what they came for and now all they want to do is get the hell out of there. Only one will make it home, forever changed and forever scared by the things they had to do to survive the arena.

So, just your typical Black Friday really…

One thought on “Katniss v. Christmas

  1. Grace @ Cultural Life December 30, 2015 / 1:27 pm

    This made me smile! 🙂 There’s certainly a lot of allegory in The Hunger Games that can be translated to our world….political symbolism, financial excesses and materialism etc.


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